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August 4, 2008

HGTV Design Star – Finale

Why oh why must these shows run in the summer? Why not in the winter when I have nothing better to do than watch tv and blog about it? It’s summer, and life is hectic, and only going to get worse as football practice starts tonight! UGH!  So I am behind, and you know what, I am sorry folks! I didn’t want that to be the case, but between summer camp, day camp, family visits, and work, there are only so many hours in the summer left for blogging.

Last night was the Finale of Design Star. It was down to Matt and Jennifer. Now, personally I kinda liked Jennifer better, but growing up my mom worked for a dentist, so I have this thing about teeth, and not that there is anything wrong, but Jennifer’s just strike me weird, like they are almost too big for her mouth or something, and I tend to focus on them instead of what she is designing or saying. That being said, I am not sure I could sit through a show of Matt’s, not that he isn’t good, but he just doesn’t connect with me, I mean not like david Bromstead….now I could watch him night and day design rooms! And personally, I could probably watch MikeyV design rooms too, a little polish on the speaking parts, but you know what, I think I would rather watch him than Matt or Jennifer.

So they welcome back all the contestants, except Mikey V and I am thinking what is going on? I knew I had heard a rumor that he got suspended from the police force after the show started airing, but I couldn’t understand that, I mean I think he was a great ambassador for the police department on the show, he did nothing to make them ashamed or anything. Not sure, there are alot of rumors out there, and my friend and fellow blogger, david Dust seems to have some more inside information on what was going on there. I will not repeat what he has said, because it is not my place, and he is the one who found the information, but you are more than welcome to check out what David has to say here .

Back to the recap, the contestants are there and they rehash the season, all the ugly moments, the funny moments and all that stuff. To be honest, I was not watching as closely as I should have been, because frankly, it was boring. None of the contestants really “spoke” to me, I just didn’t have a favorite all season, and there just wasn’t really anyone I wanted to win. So I ended up flipping back and forth between this and Celebrity Mole Hawaii on Fox Reality Channel.

So the winner, after all the long drawn out pauses…..



Okay, now if you go back to the comments that people posted on my blog posts, back to the first episode of the season, I did a nice recap and someone posted that the show was fixed. That a girl would win and the Myles of Style would soon be cancelled. Now I have no idea where that person got the information and I am not saying that it is true, but it did give me a little pause when the winner was announced. I mean I know that I have never watch Myles of Style, I personally liked Todd better and voted for him, so I had no desire to watch Kim or her show.  That being said, only time will tell. Now if that all does come to pass, I may have to look up the person that made the comments and find out how they knew all that, because that is way beyond me!

Stay tuned!! School starts up next week for my kids, so I should have a little more time during the days to get things blogged and back up and running on a normal or reasonable schedule! Thanks for bearing with me over the summer, those of you that stuck around and continued to read.


July 24, 2008

Project Runway – Season 5, Episode 1

Well, a week later and I am finally getting around to last weeks show. Sorry! Life happens.

Season Five is underway and to begin the first show we met the designers, some through clips of their audtion tapes and others just though interviews as they are arriving. The one thing I can say, well….no one sticks out as a favorite to me, but Blayne and Stella are getting on my nerves already.

So off to the roof-top we go, and it’s Champagne with Heidi and Tim, and at least for tonight, a good night’s sleep because the first challenge won’t start until tomorrow.

4am and Tim is waking them all the next morning to go on a field trip for their first challenge, and where do we go but the grocery store from Season One, the only season I did NOT watch. And who is our lovely guest judge for this week, but Austin Scarlet from Season One, and I am not sorry I didn’t watch season one because I think he would have got on my nerves! Everyone takes off in the grocery store and they all head for the table clothes, the only thing fabric like in the store, WHAT??? This is suppose to be a challenge, and making a dress out of a table cloth is no big deal, get some lettuce or spaghetti or something, come on people where is the creativity?  If they are bringing back former challenges, I hope they bring back the flower garden dress challenge, where they had to make something out of live flowers! Yeah, not that takes moxie!

So they all go back to the workroom and complain and work. Tim comes in to check on them and calls them all out for the tablecloths, the reason we took you to the grocery store was to challenge you to think outside the box, I fear the judges are going to call you all slackers, fear no more Tim, I’ll call them all slackers!!! Really, tablecloths? Oh get over it guys!!

The Winner……Kelli with this dress:

It was amazing that is all came from the grocery store.  The bottom of the dress, the skirt was made of vaccum cleaner bags, that she then bleached in some spots and then used fabric dye in other spots to make what from a distance lookes like hand-dyed paper.  To coordinate with the browns in the skirt, she took coffee filters and a lighter and burnt them to make the bodice of the dress. In the back, she took the metal from a sprialbound notebook andused it to make hook and eye closures for the back, and the gold dots in the middle are actually gold push pins! WOW, talk about creative!!

I’ll give her the win for that one!



Now my second favorite, and the runner up in this challenge was Daniel and he made an amazing little dress out of plastic cups.

He used the curve of the cups, spliting them open and then ironing them and gluing them to muslin to make this dress, which I think was wonderful. Had Kelli not used so many different items in so many creative ways, this could have easily been the winner, but i think Kelli just really steamrolled this challenge, but Daniel is not to be over looked. It was a good challenge for him. Those in the top really rocked the challenge and thought outside the box. Those in the bottom, well they deserved to be in the bottom for a reason!




Joe made this dress with oven mitts for the bodice and then there is real pasta all over the skirt! WOW! I was so glad that he didn’t use a tablecloth and he used real food in his design, but we hardly got to see this at all because he ended up in the middle.  I really liked this one, and wish it had been one of the top three, not sure why it wasn’t because I certainly like it more than Korta’s yellow table cloth with a kale and tomato neckline, but alas this ended in the middle and we got nothing more about it. All I will say, Joe is flying under the radar and we need to keep a watch on him, he will be one to reckon with as time goes on, I am sure of that.
In the bottom…… Stella, with her trash bag dress. She unrolled the bags and they were really thin, and it took here forever to think to jsut leave them folded together and work with them that way. Her orginal plan was a pair of leather like pants and a top or something, and if she wouldn’t have spent so much time complaining and had figured out to use the trash bags folded up, and made a pair of pants that way, I think she might have landed alot higher in the order. She was her own worst enemy on this challenge.

Also in the bottom….Blayne with his jumprope and drawer liner bathing suit. Michael said he thught we were back in the wrestling challenge, and I thought she had a diaper up her butt.  I mean there is just nothing more to say about this creation. Yes, I will give it to him that he didn’t do the table cloth, but maybe he should have, I mean really, you look at this and tell me what you think!  And then what was he thinking with the boots? Oh please I am not sure where he comes from, oh yeah the northwest and the home of grunge, but you know even that doesn’t explain this creation or whatever it was.


Besides, Blayne just drove me nuts! Girlious, and whatever else he said, I finally just started muting the guy! I mean really, he was annoying with a capital ANNOYING.  But he is safe to design another day.

Jeffery, so he grabbed a shower curtain, since it was the cloest to fabric and he didn’t role that way to do something out of produce. 

Well, that was his downfall from the get go, he refused to think outside the box, to try to make something elegant from something unexpected, so he ended up making a cartoon charachter coat and dress with rainboots and rubber gloves. Yeap, enough said, the picture alone is worth a thousand words and then some.

Pack your bags and head back to wherever ou came from, Jeffery is our first to go this season! 

Thank you!

Next week, another challenge and another designer will go home, and in a couple more weeks it will be down to a reasonable number of people that I can actually tell you who did what, unlike now when you hardly see the people in the middle.

July 23, 2008

The Bachelor – Rumor or Update

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I get back online today, after being home with the kids and doing some back-to-school shopping yesterday, only to hear that there is a new Bachelor Rumor or Update, depending on how you look at it.

Matt and Shayne
So that is the newest article, dated for yesterday and the jist of the article….well, can’t you guess. You’re right, Shayne dumped Matt. Well, what else did you expect. I can’t believe it took this long!
Second Article on the same story surfaced today. So who won the pool on how long they would last? I know I heard six weeks for someone…

According to the article, she cheated on Matt, was seen out with some guy in Vegas, and then casually called up Matt and dumped him! Not eve a face to face break-up, just a phone break up. Hummm…..I thought they were suppose to go to England for his birthday last week.

You know Matt, if I were you, I would head back to England, sober up and realize that it was a good think that she dumped you and find a real woman.

As for Chelsea taking him back, I don’t think that will work. I think she knows better, and the rumor on the forum boards is that Chelsea has been hanging out with The Bachelorette’s Jeremy from TX, you remember him, he left after the Fanasty Dates in the Bahamas, then returned to talk to DeAnna again. Yeap, that one.  Personally, I think if the producers got the former Bachelor and Bachelorette’s together you might see some great couples. I have always felt that someone on the previous season would fit better with someone on the current season and so on for years now. I think it would be a hoot to get them all together and see what happens.

Okay, so enough of rumors and updates for now…back to work!

July 16, 2008

Affordable Mineral Makeup

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So I was looking for makeup the other day, something better than what I was getting from AVON, yeah, that was a holdover way back from the days when I was selling AVON, and so I had met and talked to the lady that started Affordable Mineral Makeup and I liked her so I thought I would try some!

***The banner for the company was here, but low and behold I get a notice from WordPress saying that I am not allowed to put the banner in here….so I guess I just have to tell you about the company that I like and not give you any kind of link to it…..Oh wait, I do have a banner link to it on my Blogger Blog, because they will allow me to link to it, so if you want to find out more about the company, more than what I can tell you, go to my blogger blog and read the post there, and there IS a banner link to the compnay there….
a TAMM creation

Well, I loved it, and the products are so good for you, there are no preservatiives in the makeup and it is all natural and what could be better, even eco-friendly and now that I have kids, I am more concerned about what kind of world we are leaving for them.

Anyway, click on the link, check them out and let me know what you think!!

July 15, 2008

The Bachelor – Where are they now?

This aried earlier in the year, and they re-aired it, but with a couple brief chnages, those changes are what I will comment on.

They caught up with previous Bachelor’s and updated us on Andrew Firestone findin love, then after his part aired Chris came on to say that they did in fact get married a couple of weekends ago, and the whole Bachelor family wishes them luck.

Ryan and Trista, they showed pretty much the same stuff, but cut it short and added something new.  DeAnna and Jesse visit Ryan and Trista.  They arrive and Trista asks about the wedding and they talk about having that time alone, away from the camera in the fanstasy suites, waking up with each other and realizing that you could still love the person even with bed-head.  Trista and DeAnna have a private talk, and Trista tells her to get back to normal as soon as possbile, to do the fun things that this will present for her, the public events and stuff, but aside from that, to try to have a normal life, that is what will be the best for their relationship.  Ryan and Jesse have time together, and they talk about moving to CO. 

After the visit, there is an interview with Ryan and Trista and even Ryan says that you spend one minute with them and you can see how in love they are, and that he wishes the best for them. Thinks it must be something about CO men.

Next Food Network Star – Season 4, Episode 7

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The final four are in Las Vegas.

Bobby Flay invites them down to his resturant for dinner, and the share it with Paula Dean.

Next day is a Throwdown.  2 on 1 Throwdowns, 75 minutes with quick interviews with Extra during the cooking.

Lisa vs Adam is the first throwdown. They will both make their versions, or kicked up Las Vegas versions of Lisa’s Casoulet and then Adam’s Mac and Cheese.  The judges throw out questions throughout the competeition.  Adam makes lobster mac and cheese, which Paula says she has tried a number of times and never liked, but she loves his!!!

Mac and Cheese – winner is Adam                            Casoulet – winner is Lisa                       Throwdown one is a tie.

Kelsey vs. Aaron is the second throwdown. Each will make Kelesy’s chicken parm and Aaron’s stuffed pork loin.  Twenty mintues left and Lisa finally catches Aaron’s eye and gives him this look, and he relaizes what she is trying to tell him with her eyes, he has forgotten to make the second dish! He has less than twenty minutes to do chicken parm.

Chicken Parm – winner is Aaron     Stuffed Pork – winner is Aaron  Thowdown two goes to Aaron!!

Okay, so my thought is that Aaron rocked this challenge, had a little trouble with the interview part, but he was great. Lisa was on fire too, a little too competitive in the ktichen part, but good. So I figure they are safe, and then probably Adam, my feeling is Kelsey is going home.


Adam – you didn’t engage the interviewer.  Lisa – disappointed that you didn’t go all the way, she held back on workign on the mac and cheese so that her casoulet did not suffer.  Aaron – still strugglign a little with connecting, have to figure out to talk and cook at the same time.  Kelsey – you were almost playful, but we wonder about your life experiences.

The first finalist moving on is ……AARON.  The next finalist is…….LISA.

This was a difficult decision, we like you both.  ADAM you are moving one!

Vote for your favorite at

HGTV Next Design Star – Season 3, Episode 6

Trish lets everyone know that she injuried her finger during the first challenge, and it is all swollen, MikeyV tries to help her removed her wedding ring, but it hurts too much, and then Clive arrives.

Clive takes everyone into the “selection room”, where they pick a can to stand behind. This will be a team challenge and it will be the dreaded kitchen!! They will have 24 work hours over three days, $10,000 budget, but they will also have Sears Gift Cards for the appliances.  Okay, open your cans…….Tracee is team leader.  “She is the last person I wanted to be team leader” MikeyV.  Oh, and as a last twist, Clive announces that this will be a DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Yep, two of you will be going home after this challenge! WOW!

They have time to met with the family, they hate the paneling and are not afraid of color.

DAY ONE:  10 hours of work time.  The very first thing they ned to do, according to Trish is have her ring cut off so she can focus on the challenge, so they call the Fire Dept.  While the Fire Dept is taking care of Trish, the others get to work on ripping out everything that needs to be taken out, and taking down everything that needs to be taken down.  The general plan is to change the floors, drywall over the paneliing and get a new counter and back splash.

Once the Fire Dept leaves, and everyone is working hard, Tracee wants then all to stop and have a meeting, Trish mentions to her that this is a time management problem, they need to keep working and not rehash everything again, and Tracee sends her a look that could kill! I am just glad that Trish had the guts to tell Tracee that time is the biggest problem her, although it goes completely over her head.  There is no real design plan, and all that happened in the “meeting” was that they went over the same things again and again.

First Shopping Trip:  Matt and Tracee go out and get apppliances, drywall and paint and return to the house. Good plan. Then Matt and MikeyV get on drywalling the house while Tracee goes back out and works on counter tops. She actually finds a place that will come out in the moring at 9am and will them deliver them by 2pm, but the designer will have to install the counters.

DAY TWO: 12 work hours – Tracee maps out a down to the minute schedule of what needs to get done, who is going to do it and when. If they can follow this plan they should be home free.  At 9am the guys come measure for the counters. MikeyV and Trish install the new wood floors and Matt demos the old counters. Tracee is taking a long time shopping, so wishy-washy about every decision. I see a problem here….she is shopping but not returning to the house to drop off anything, hummm.

Clive stops to check and and sees the schedule, he notes that they are off schedule, according to it they should have already finished tiling the back splash, but they can’t tile because they don’t have it, and when he asks where Tracee is, they answer shopping.  Clive then reminds them of the last season when the kitchens were unfinished.  Tracee finally comes back, after 7 hours of shopping and asks about tiling and MikeyV tells her that it can’t be done in 45 minutes, if she would have brought it back then went out again it would have worked.  Clive comes back to say times up and he starts in on Tracee as to why no tile, and she trys to say that it was a group decision, to which MikeyV is not about to be thrown under the bus, Clive brings up the schedule that Tracee made and she says they are pretty much on schedule, to which everyone says no.

DAY THREE: Only 2 hours.  Carte Oosterhaus arrives and talks to them, he says he’s nervous, he has done over 400 remodels and never not finished one! Time starts now! And the sorta finish the challenge!


Vern commends them for finishing, but says the room is so boring.  Martha wants to know was there a design plan? no design play, the punches of color were so predictable.  Tracee starts blaming everyone else, evern going so far as to say that Trish caused problems by having her ring cut off, which MikeyV is not standing for and stands up for her, and says that it was down earlier and everyone else worked through it, then she blames MikeyV for the tiling not getting done because he never specifically told her to drop the tile off before continuing to shop, but she was the one who made the schedule, to which Vern has had enough, he told her she was the team leader she needed to have the time schedule in her head, then mentions that week in and week out we feel you shift the blame to everyone else.

Reveal:  The family loves the floors and the walls, but are realyl upset about the lack of backsplash, that was the pne place they speficially metioned putting in color.


  1. Matt – informative, little monotone.
  2. Trish – loved the tagline, engaging
  3. MikeyV – super nervous, need to make more eyecontact
  4. Tracee – smile more, more friendly
  5. Jennifer – smooth, great smile, loved her.

JUDGES COMMENTS:   So the designers leave the room and the following comments are made….most boring room ever, no design, no inspiration, kitchen was blah, Tracee doesn’t edit what she says, just one and one and one, blah blah, blah

My guess – Well Tracee is finally done, she has to be after the poor leadership she showed. Then i would say it is down to Matt and MikeyV, everyone did well on the challenge, it has to be down to the hosting tapes, and they had the worst tapes for me.  Personally, thinking about it all, and I think Trish and Jennifer are the top two, I could probably actually watch a show with them.


Tracee – your design selections and lack of leadership left alot to be desired – Your show had been cancelled!

There was no real desing, so we (the judges) had to make our decision based on the hosting tapes.

Jennifer – Trish – keep up the good work, you are safe.

Matt – your were infomative but not engaging.

MikeyV – still have not warmed up to the camera – Your show has been cancelled.

July 14, 2008

DeAnna and Jesse

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Well, since after the London Bachelor, I followed up with the latest pictures of Shayne, much to the disdain of a number of people, I still thought I would share some of the latest updates I have seen on DeAnna and Jesse.

You problably know by this time that they have their own website, with a few pictures and dates of upcoming apperances on it.  The site is DeAnna and Jesse As of July 18th, there were a number of updates to the website. Links to other pictures and videos on youTube, and announcement of a new website in August, and more pictures.

There is a series of pictures taken of them at the park in San Diego, but of course I can’t bring the pictures here, but I can link you to the site. De and Jesse Of all the pictures, and there are about ten, only three or so have them NOT kissing!  They report claims they were taken last week, about the 10th of July or so, just after they were finally able to go public with the romance.

This is the last picture of them that I found in my brief, and I do mean brief searching, I really didn’t have time to look too much, it is a busy day with the copier and printer not working right, and I still have Design Star and Food Network Star recaps to write.

The date on this is today, but I think the quote said something about this being over the weekend at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Del Mar.

Found another story and link. Wedding Suit is a gift. to furnish one of their beach wedding suits for bachelorette DeAnna’s fiancé, Jesse. The groom will wear a white or tan linen suit to their destination wedding. This was posted on last Friday, the 11th.

Okay, so DeAnna and Jesse fans enjoy!

July 8, 2008

The Bachelorette – After the Final Rose

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Jason – we saw an amazing romance, he was always so exciting to she her, I can’t believe she could fake all those smiles, but you know, not that I think about the smiles and the glow may have been more of a relection of the smiles that he gave her than her falling in love with Jason.

Chris asked Jason if he hurt, and he said he still hurts, he was in love, she was everything that he was looking for, everything felt like it was just them when they were together, everything felt right. He was so sure that it was him, she was smiling and yes he still has feelings.

Chris Harrison brings out DeAnna and she faces Jason for the first time, and it hurts her. She says that she never wanted to hurt him, never wanted him to feel like she felt that previous season, and she realized watching back stage that she did hurt him and she did make him feel like that. Jason asks some questiosn”

  1. When did you choose?  She replies that is was that morning, when she was going over everything she realized that she was falling for jason but that she was already in love with Jesse.
  2. Did what you wnat change during the process? Yes. She sad that when she went in, she had this list on paper and she thought she knew what she wanted, thought she knew herself, but as things went along , she realized that maybe she didn;t know herself as well as she thought she did
  3. She then mentioned that with Jason she had her whole life planned out (nothing worng with that) and she liked being that way with him, but that is not her, she is not a planner.

Jason mentions that he will be okay, and that maybe the third time (his ex-wife as one, DeAnna as two) is the charm!!

Now we get a break and an update on the Brit and the Twit…sorry, I said I wouldn’t call them that anymore. Matt ans Shayne.  They sat really closetogether, she is still wearing the ring, says they arestill engaged, planning a trip to Britian in July for his birthday on the 17th.

Finally we see DeAnna, and she really seems happy and in love, and she talks with Chris Harrison, says that Jesse had a wonderful romantic dinner for her when she got home from the Men Tell All, because he was afraid she might be second guessing herself after seeing them all again, they bring out Jesse, who jumps over the couch like the first night. They can’t keep their hands off each other, they are sitting so close, hugging and kissing. They actually do look in love, I have to admit.

They have their own website:  DeAnna and Jesse You can check it our for more information on them and updates. They do annouce the wedding date and their upcoming apperances. Plus you can contact them through it.

Their families are there…DeAnna’s Dad, Greg, sister Crissy and sister-in-law Crystal and then Jesse’s mom and dad.  When asked by Chris Harrison, Greg said that he had a feeling that DeAnna had already decided on Jesse when they were home, but she just didn’t know it yet (the way she defended him and wanted them to like him).

Surprise Announcement:  They have been hyping the surprise announcement all weekend, of course the rumors on the fourms boards were joking that she might be pregnant already, but actually the announcement is that they have finally set a wedding date, May 9, 2009.

To which Chris Harrison gives them a present, a honeymoon in Greece, in the white villages.

Okay, at this point I have to say that after a weekend of hearing the rumors that she picked Jesse, being extermely mad and upset and finally coming to terms with it, I think I have finally realized that I like Jason, I saw him falling in love and I just assumed that if he was that much in love with her she had to be falling too.  Maybe if I rewatched the season knowing how it ends I might see the relationship with Jesse developing, I don’t know. I just didn’t see it, and I am not sure it was really there, maybe it was the editting, but you know I don’t know. I do know that I was surprise at how much they really looked to be in love last night on the show. I guess i will just reserve judgement on it all for now.
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The Bachelorette – The Final Rose

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We start with voice overs from Jason – I’m just a regular guy, a single dad, loved everything about this, no regrets, would love to spend his life with DeAnna.  I saw it too, but after hearing the rumors all weekend, I think I watched this episode with a more jade, maybe a more open eye. I saw a love story, Jason’s love story! Jason fell in love!

The voice overs from Jesse – he was the skinny white kids, the snowboarder, so far out of her league, not her typical type of guy, a strong friendship first, opened up at the HTD and has no regrets. I still don’t see a love story here, I see a friendship, but I can’t see love.

DeAnna house in Neuman –

Jason arrives with flowers for DeAnna and her sister and a basket of wine for her father, okay now if that isn’t class, I don’t know what is! DeAnna’s dad says they are going to grill him, and Jason says that if he was the dad he would be grilling him too, he does tell that his wife left him for another guy, that he has Ty most of the time, and that Ty is thereason he almost didn’t do the show.  Crissy talks to Jason, and he tells her that he wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t in love.  Thomas, DeAnna’s brother talks to her and says that he feels that Jason is in the same point in his life that she is, wants to be settled down.  Jason and Greg, DeAnna’s dad have time alone, and he asks if he could marry her, Greg tells him that no one has ever asked that before, that deAnna thinks he is special and that Jason has his blessing if she thinks he is the one, and that Jason would fit in well with the family.  Greg tells DeAnna that Jason is a gem of a guy and a really good catch.

Jesse arrives with a gift bag and a haircut, to which her dad is pleased, about the haircut. he is so nervous and scared. Greg grills Jesse and he admits that he lived with a girlfriend for 2 years but they grew apart, Greg asks him what happens after the butterflies, do you see yourself staying? Basically he was asking if he was ready to commit, long term, once and done.  Crissy talks with DeAnna and says that she doesn’t feel like she knows Jesse, with Jason he opned up so much more and she felt like she did know him. She also asks DeAnna can you really see yourself having kids with this guy? Crissy can see the love in Jason’s ees for her, she doesn;t see the love with Jesse….which is what the rest of us have all be seeing all season! Finalyl DeAnna and her dad have a tlka and he asks her if Jesse is in thesame place as her, the confessions from Jason felt more heartfelt and real than from Jesse, Jason asked for her hand, Jesse didn’t. dad realyl liked Jason and felt like he was more in love with DeAnna than Jesse. i think dad is right Jason is fulling in love with DeAnna, the thing I am finally noticing was, is DeAnna in love with Jason?

Next Day at her Dad’s house – Those in attendance, Greg, Thomas and Crystal, Crissy, her aunt and uncle, her grandma and grandpa.

Jesse arrives with a potted plant, and before they have time to settle in, Jason arrives, again with flowers and wine.  Jason has a talk with the grandparents and tells them she is everything he could ever want, they really like him, in fact grandma says she will tell DeAnna to pick him.  Crissy and Crystal talk with Jesse and finally get a feeling about him, he’s a hometown guy, cool, and they advise him to be himself.  Jesse gets some time alon with Greg, and he does ask this time to marry her, to which greg asks if he is ready? Again Jesse mentions the butterflies, but you know they won’t last forever, real life will get in the way. Greg jsut wants her to be happy and to make sure she gets the best, then he tells Jesse that when he is with his daughter, to keep the hair short!

After the guys leave, DeAnna sits down with her sister Crissy, and her sister-in-law Crystal and asks them to be brutally honset. I think this is were all the answers are found.  Crissy is worried that maybe Jesse isn’t ready for marriage, that he hasn’t had enought time to be free and learn what he wants.  Crissy see DeAnna as being fully ready to settle down and start a family, and she sees that with Jason. Crystal on the other hand says that she knows DeAnna thinks she is ready but she thinks DeAnna is stil ltoo much of a free spirit and not ready to settle down, she tells her that you are not as settled as you think you are.  That is thw whole ball of wax, is she realyl ready to settle down, have a family and be a mom, or is she still a free spirit that needs more time…

Back in the Grand Bahamas, she finds out that Jeremy wants to talk to her. She would rather run away and not talk to him, but she can’t do that, she has to talk to him, make sure that he understands.  DeAnna tells him that on paper, he is perfect, but that on paper is not good enough, it has to be in her heart and she isn;t feeling in her heart. She has too much respect for him to lead him on or promise him something she can;t give him. It was very emotional.

Last Chance Dates:

  1. Jesse is up first and the take a sea plane to a secluded island and do nothing for the day. He makes a book of thoughts for her which includes pictures and comments of their time together. He tells her that he is ready to settle down and spend the rest of his live with her.
  2. Jason comes running up to the boat, his face all aglow, so happy to see her, he is a man so in love!!! They go deep sea diving and swimmign with the sharks. Jason loves to travel and to try new things and this is great. He made her a gift also, but his is a board game called eight roses, which recounts their time together, she says it is the cutest, the sweetest, the most romanitc thing ever. She can see an amaxing future with Jason. So can I!!!

Ring shopping, both guys go ring shooping, Jason is confident, he is in love, he wants something classic and modern, that reflects her outlook on life. He stops to throw a penny in a fountain. Jesse on the other had is puking his guts up on the way to the store, he is so scared, yet he picks out a big square diamond.

If you’ve watched the shows in the past, you know that the first to arrive is the kiss of death it almost always means that is not the one and they are going home. My stomach is in knots, I saw so much love in jason that I want it to be him, I can see happily ever after. As the limo arrives, a navy blue pant leg steps out and I scream NO! Jason has arrived! NO! He thinks it all feels right, he is so happy, so smiling, they hug and before you know it he is trying to go down on one knee as DeAnna says NO, I can’t….your amazing and perfect, I would alwys bee safe with you, but her heart is somewhere else.  In the limo on the way out Jason says that he was completely shocked, he was so ready to be in love again.  At the time that this showed last night, I wrote the following notes:  I thought she was real, I thought she wanted the marriage and the family, I got duped, she just wanted the fun, free sprirt adventure, and maybe Hollywood life.

Of course, I calmed down during the commerical and I actually watched Jesse arrive. He says that he never would have thought this was real, that you could fall in love this way, but he did and he wants to spend forever with her, she just keeps smiling so big, and it almost reminds me of the smiles that Jason had…Jesse gets on one knee and says will you spend forever with me? and she says Yes.  She tells him she has waited so long to tell him that she loves him.  The song from Natasha Beningfield plays again in the background… it possible your already hin my life…was that some foreshadowing that I completely missed.

You know, I have to admit they look happy, but I saw so much more love with Jason, and maybe the problem is that I saw Jason’s love story, I saw Jason falling in love, and Jason would have been the one guy I would have picked, and I was too involved in watching Jason fall in love that I missed seeing DeAnna fall in love, I missed that she wasn’t falling for Jason.
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